These are a few of the many submissions that we were unfortunately unable to include in our programme this year. Nonetheless, we still want to recognise these filmmakers for their achievements.

*We are only permitted to post films with the filmmakers' consent

Last man standing

Made by: Crispin Tan


Director, Writer & Editor: Muhammed Rashid

Living in solitude, a lonely old man struggles with how to live out the rest of his days.

Broken hearts wander more than spirits. A meditation on coping with the absence of a loved one.


Directors: Auyok Sean, Carina Lim

Producer: Anu Kriti Wadhwa

Editors: Anu Kriti Wadhwa, Pratyay Jaidev

Sound: Pratyay Jaidev

Taxi rides often provide only a fleeting human connection. In this film, an Uber driver looks in his rear mirror to find a once familiar passenger. Together, they relive their memories of a once intimate connection.

The chase

Director & Writer: Cristian Lim

Cinematographer: Edward Toh

The knowledge of one’s death takes away the control that life has over us; it takes away the fear of consequences. He is a dying man, and this is his last run.

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